Holmes Again, Holmes Again, Jiggety Jig

Well, what to say now. Since I brought MarkyBear home and kept him on his meds, he's really bounced back almost to his old self...not quite...but feeling much, much better. He was scheduled for surgery tomorrow, but I took him to the vet yesterday for more bloodwork and let them know about the major upheaval that his immediate surgery would create. In three days Dan and his family are descending from western NY to visit for a week before Cappy gets home. This place is so very tiny and Mark, even when he's feeling super, does not like little kids. Dan and Jennifer have little kids. (I don't know why the kids in our neighborhood love picking on him, but they just love to do it, and for that he deems all children guilty.)
But it's NICE to have him home again for now. Last night around three a.m. the dogs heard a noise on the patio, and MarkyBear was out the door like a shot, LOUDLY"yelling" at whoever it was who had disturbed his Mom's sleep, (....!!!) then stayed to snoop all around his perimeter in the dark, investigating. (And so, I call him Sherlock Holmes to add to the list of his knick-names.) Not finding anyone, and having completed his investigation, he climbed back up the doggy bed-stairs, lumbered across the bed and flopped heavily next to me. Awwwww.
Well, Dr. Crawford said yesterday that his bloodwork showed good improvement, and that the mass might be an abcess from his gall bladder that the ton of antibiotics, etc are taking care of, but we just don't know. We do know that MarkyBear is not in pain now, so she said a couple of weeks wait should not make too much of a difference. So we are going to wait...and continue to pray for the best results.

Meanwhile during his stay in the doggie hospital, he couldn't get a bath, feeling as miserable and lost as he did, so yesterady his regular groomer, Jamie came to our house and gave him one in our tub, because the place she works does not allow for sick doggies to come get groomed. (I understand that policy.)

Soooo.... Now he feels even better...and will...until the little kids get here in a couple of days. Uhm...yeah, the continued prayers would be a good thing...thank you all for inquiring, by phone, email, here, Face Book, etc. You are too sweet!
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