Update on Poor MarkyBear

MarkyBear, our bouncy, happy, chubby(!) dog; the much beloved warrior of our family is currently in doggie ICU with liver damage. We're not sure what he got into, but being the playful curious and forever hungry dog that he is, we're fairly certain he may have licked up some ant poison and insecticide that we were using to stop the invasion of a horde of red ants that were coming into the house from the recent heavy rains. Please think of our beloved 'friend', (who lights up our lives every time he comes bounding in through his dawgie door, all smiles) in your prayers, as Cappy and I worry, fret and pray for his recovery.
For those of you who don't know, he's the one with the big goofy grin on the right, with his pal, Rosco the "Peek".
We appreciate all the phone calls and emails, etc. asking about our boy. While doing an ultrasound to see whether or not he had pancreatitis and to have a good look at his organs, they learned that he does have fluid around his pancreas, for which I blamed myself...not watching his diet as closely as I thought I had been doing; however, if he hadn't gotten the ultrasound, they would not have also found...a 3" mass inside one of the lobes of his liver. He is scheduled for surgery next Wednesday to remove it. Because he finally began to eat a little, they were able to take him off IV's and send him home this last Wednesday until his surgery next week. He's home and still not feeling all that great. I knew he was in trouble last Friday when he wasn't eating, then when the "Oops" guy showed up, and he was just lying on the futon breathing hard, looked at Sparky like, "You'll have to git 'im on yer own this time"...then a little while later, I spied a miserable squirrel out the kitchen window eating one of our pecans, so I shrieked, "A ROTTEN squirrel guys!!" SparkyBear shot out the door, but MarkyBear just stayed glued to the futon panting hard in pain. That did it, I packed him up and rushed him to the vet...and now you know the rest of the story, ...until, the next rest of the story. We appreciate your continued prayers for our "Sweet boy". We'll also take prayers for the Brat, who needs to find a good doggie church. Since his brother has been ill, he's been looking for more attention and has found more darned ways to get into mischief. >:-\
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