Crawfishin' for Supper

Nowadays the Web is full of commercial Crawfishin' posts.  Ya can see folks fishing for a living, anywhere from reality TV shows, to the Food Channel.  But what ya aint seeing is how regular folks turn a $1.25 pack of chicken necks into a $40 boiled dinner for 2.  Sure, crawfishin' is a huge industry down here in bayou country, but us Cajuns have a way to have a ball crawfishing for supper.  If ya wanna throw a big party, buy crawfish by the sackful and boil them up in a huge pot in the yard.  It's lots of fun and for special occasions, we do that too.  But if ya only want 5 or 10 lbs for a supper boil or a sauce here's a fun way to do it.

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