Lemon Shine Revisited

Back in January we created our Lemon Shine, or thats what I called it that night.  It is julliened lemon rind soaking in Vodka.  Well, this week we opened a few jars and made lemon rind candy by drying the rinds in granulated sugar for a couple days.  The vodka went into a drink yet to be named and we are open to suggestions. The drink consists of 1 oz. of the now pale yellow lemon vodka, 1 oz. lemon juice, 1 Tablespoon of cane sugar syrup.  Stir that up, add ice, top it off with 7 Up and garnish it with the lemon candy, and it sure is tasty.
If like us, ya ocasionally find yourself with a bunch of lemon peelings. This is the best thing we have found to do with them.  So far.

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