Christmas Card 2014

We admit this year's Christmas card is different. We've been told it's disappointing, odd, strange, and "the most unusual card I have ever received..."
Well, I did have some reservations about it this year.  I think what was lacking was sufficient explanation on our part. While a dear friend thought it was like a manger scene with our family gathered round, another good friend cried because they had lost so many family members this year, that they thought the people gathered round us on our card were our personal loved ones who had also passed on this year. (I should mention that we did lose Cappy's uncle LeRoy Robin in the Fall, his beloved "Uncle Bird", and my sister, Lori Ganoung, my "MORi",  just this month.) 
    Concerning the Christmas Card, though, I actually love all the input and different insights from those who have received it.
What the sketchy figures surrounding us represent, are those of characters we have been writing about this past year in a novel that we've been working on. These 'figments of our imagination' are looking over our shoulders, watching what we are writing about them, and perhaps the parts they play in our story. Our back page sought to explain the matter, but perhaps was too lengthy and/or too confusing an explanation.
The inside of our cards, (see below) is what actually motivates us to send  them each year; it is our Gift to our Lord. Our "Birthday Gift" to Him. He always gives me what to write. I just sit and listen, then no more than write what I "hear". One year it was simply the words to the song, "Mary, Did You Know". Another year, it was an original poem. I didn't realize it was a poem until I had finished writing, then re-read it in amazement. In an 'odd' way, it's also His gift to us, but isn't that what all the gift giving is supposed to be about during this HOLYday season? We give love,...hopefully it's always given in love, (by way of presents), and if we look at the heart of those who give back to us, we see the thought and love found there. (leastwise I think that's supposed to be the result) So, here's our Gift to Him this year, which He gave to us to share. (neat how that works out, isn't it?)
(P.S. Next year's card is already designed and we know you will LOVE it. God Bless you and have a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year)

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