Just Another Outdoor December Sunday.

This morning was a wonderful morning; almost 60 degrees and sunny, so I fired up da pit and put a Boston Butt pork roast on the 'cool side' to smoke.
  With company coming in a couple days, it don't hurt to have some pulled pork around for snacking. 
I had to giggle to myself when I went into the shed and saw the four little black kittens snuggled together on top of their two heating pads for warmth and  the thought came to me how strange to have black cats and white dogs in the family. (The big old white 'cat war veteran', Sarge, who belongs to the neighborhood, makes infrequent visits of late.) 'Ebony and ivory' sets of pets.
Those of you who know me prolly figured out what I went to the shed for in the first place.  On a chilly morning I like to put a little extra kick in the coffee.
Peggy and Beaux (in his Saints shirt) sat on the porch swing enjoying the sunshine.
Beaux, fresh from a haircut seemed to enjoy the warmth of the shirt.  Since the roast would need to smoke awhile I threw some burgers, taters and a few cobs of our buddy, Sam's corn on the grill still in the shucks (oh, so good!) to keep the roast company.

The burgers consisted of 1 lb of beef, 1 lb of pork, 1 egg and one minced yellow onion.  Seasoned with Cajun seasoning, hot sauce and a lil extra Worcestershire sauce, they were really good.  
   I would show yall a picture of a finished plate but it wasn't that kind of day.  As we listened to the Saints get badly beaten by the miserable Carolina Panthers, we just snacked, and being in fear of missing something 'good' happening with our team on the radio, we didn't even bother to run inside and get plates, or silverware, so..."finger food"; thas what we are callin' it and we are stickin' with that story. Peggy had a nice fire going in the little firepit close to the house, so's as to not get too close to where the young kittens were frolicking. It made a nice backdrop for our 'meal'.

While the roast took it's time smoking, we picked 9 grocery bags of our citrus and distributed them out to neighbors, along with our Christmas card.  It has become our tradition to share  some of the bounty of our yard, and our cards, with our neighbors.

I really enjoy spreading a little Christmas cheer around the neighborhood and it was very well recieved by those who were home and a pleasent surprise, we hope, for those who weren't.

 When we got home we discovered that MarkyBear, (the brat) our chubby Bichon, who is so fat that he has a very hard time waddling around and has to back up and launch himself three or four times if he's going to be successful in even getting up onto the couch, (And most of the time he doesn't make it anymore)...well...in just the short time it took us to run up the street and hand out the oranges and envelopes, he had climbed up onto the wobbly glass patio table and finished off 3 of those big burger patties and 2 baked potatoes!  The only reason he didn't also devour the corn is 'cause it wasn't shucked. Peg and I had planned on having those for supper. To add insult to injury, I had to go 'rescue' the big lug off the table so he wouldn't hurt himself trying to get back down, all the while Peg is telling me, "Don't be mad at him, don't be mad at him!" Too late, but I guess it was my fault for forgetting that the 'little' guy had lost a few lbs. lately and now, with some effort, managed to be able to jump up into our patio table chairs, which I foolishly left parked by the table.  At any rate we all liked the burgers, those of us who actually got any of them.  Once the roast reached 175F we pulled it off the pit and there it will rest till the morning.
 That's when it'll get "pulled" and slathered in Peggy's sauce.  I can hardly wait. 
  Those were the highlights of the day. By the way, our team, the Saints, lost such an amazingly embarrassing game, that half of their fans were so disgusted that they left the stadium around half time. Peg said, "The Panthers put our team in a big paper sack, put it on our porch, set it on fire, and rang our bell."
  Just another unordinary December Sunday around here...but, look, did we mention we've got pulled pork sammiches to look forward to out of da deal?

The next day Peggy made her BBQ sauce and we pulled the pork and pored on the sauce and warmed it in the oven so the sauce would set.

This stuff was amazing and now we have some for when company comes it freezes great in qt bags and is a quick fix for the munchies. 

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