First Saturday BBQ of the Year 2015

This past Friday night most folks were recouping from New Years Eve festivities. You could hear the sounds of kids using up leftover fireworks in the neighborhood.  At our house the whirr of a blender could be heard as Peggy and I made a spicy "smoothie" out of an onion, raw garlic, our own Cajun seasoning, hot sauce, Worcestershire, and some leftover sweet white  wine from the night before.  We sucked it up into our stainless-steel syringe and shot it into a Boston Butt roast, which we then parked in the fridge for it to "think about itself" overnight.     The next morning when I carried my butt outside, I was greeted by a herd of Salvador Kitties dripping from lawn chairs everywhere, while they rested from their last crazy adventures and waited to see what today's would bring, no doubt. They are so much darned fun to watch once they get going.
Okay, so I placed the roast on a very smokey pit,
and settled in to wait.  1 hour 
2 hours
3 hours I turned it over and discovered grill marks.
4 hours and if I was going for pulled pork I would either "foil" it or finish it in the house in the oven. Instead, me and da boys; us Robins, roosted in our usual patio chairs, grabbed another beer, and kept right on a-smokin'. The boys had looks on their faces like as if their Mom had imposed herself on their quiet reverie to take their picture.
After 6 hours on the pit I removed a well-cooked and very smoked roast with a dark spicy bark and a nice deep ring, to boot.
After this thing rested an hour, the plan was to cube it up and save it for smokey seasoning meat for beans and such, but when I sliced into it I just couldn't resist.
I just hadda take a slice or two and get Peg to make us sammiches out of them, with lettuce fresh outa the garden.
They were very well seasoned and very smokey and very tasty.  I can't wait to put some in a pot of beans.  A great way to start off the 2015 Saturday BBQ year.
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