Just another January 2015 Backyard Day

   The weather has been being wonderful the last few days, so Peg and I decided to spend a day out in the yard.  The day before this adventure I seasoned a twinpack of Boston Butt roasts I had scored on sale, as well as one we already had in the freezer.  I rubbed them down with Steen's Cane Syrup, a couple handfuls of our  own special homemade blend of Cajun seasoning, and some Crystal hot sauce and "woo-stir-shire"..."woo".  We stuck our well-seasoned butts in the fridge, where they spent 20 hours thinkin' about things 'til the next morning. 
    The next day while I got the bbq pit goin', Peggy put on a pot of lima beans, Cajun-style, on the back burner to simmer along all day, while we worked outside.
   Peggy loves to start campfires the old-fashioned way like the ancient folks used to have to, starting simply with a small pile of dryer lint and banana leaves, then for tinder, moving up to small twigs and branches, (cut precisely to size with our specialized "nippers"), tosses in a few lovely pine cones that sometimes are dipped in wax and perfumed (but not this time, Thank God) and burnt ends from the last fire. She disdains artificial means of starting her fires, like...oh...lighter fluid.
It's great that she likes to keep her fire-starting skills sharp.  Short of using a stick and string, or flint and steel, she did the ole 1 match thing and had it smoking up the yard in no time.

While she had the fire smoldering and beginning to 'take', I parked the pork butts on the pit.
An hour later and it was looking good.
While Peggy tended the fire to the music on the outdoor speakers, I trimmed some shrubs back, cut them up and added them to the fire to keep it blazing, doin' it's job. As you can see, we've got a LOT of work to do on our yard, but burning the dead branches and such, helped some.
After three hours of smoking the pork, I rolled it over and added some more water-logged hickory chips to the coals.
We continued feeding the fire and walking around, getting some sunshine enjoying the beautiful day.
And the bbq pit continued to smoked merrily away.
Peggy loves to tend her campfires and I love to babysit a BBQ Pit.  That's one of the many things that make us a great team.
You will note in the above picture that there is a small piece of pork that is missing.  What?? You thought I could watch that stuff smoke for 6 hours and not sample??
As the shadows lengthened and the pork got done, we pulled it out and let it rest in the kitchen while we continued to enjoy the wonderful evening.
Well the evening slid by with us sitting by the fire and I guess I had a few too many beers.  We sat out long after dark and managed to consume the two smaller roasts along with some slaw and roasted ears of corn, I had stuck in the pit near at the last minute.  Normally a photo of a plate would go here <------> but somebody forgot to take a picture of it.  The dang pork was so good that we kept going back snacking on it 'til there was just a tiny piece left of the two smaller ones, which then mysteriously disappeared sometime in the night. 
   The next morning I went to work on the last two big pork roasts while Peggy made her family's BBQ sauce. 
    I cubed one roast into 6-1lb. bags of tasso for beans and such, later on.  Five of these packs went in the freezer and 1 pack went into the pot of lima beans.
I "pulled" the other roast and added Peggy's sauce to it. We put 8 lbs. of that in the freezer with a couple lbs left out in the fridge for snacking.
The Lima beans with a pound of the pork and our usual suspects for seasoning came out amazing with just the right amount of smokey heat.
The good part is, now we have a freezer full of smoked and BBQ'ed pork that will star in many coming meals.  I'll let yall know how that goes if I dont drink too many beers and forget the camera.........again.   :-)
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