We DID it!!

Well, now we are pretty excited. After more than a year and a half, we finally finished our book and it's on sale as an ebook. Within the first couple of minutes we sold one copy...woo hoo! There's an option to let people read 20% of the book for free, so about twenty (maybe) people are doing that right now...we hope they'll want to buy the whole thing. In a few days it should...we are HOPING... be available on Nook, Kindle, Amazon, and etc. The link is here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/566680
   I, Peggy, am not a huge fan of science fiction, so when Cappy asked me to co-author, I had a lot of input and fun weaving a lot of stories around the main story. I loved developing the characters and their funny dialogs.
  Cappy is amazing, to me. His knowledge of cutting edge science and imagination allows the reader to 'be there' in the future, living normal and exciting lives. There are no monsters, or witchcraft or aliens, but there are high adventures to be sure.
I, of course, am prejudiced, but to me, now, it's a "fun read". It's about a captain, much like 'our' Cappy, who pushed oil barges up and down the Mississippi River, and all around the bayous and back waters of South Louisiana. The barges he pushed were the size of football fields. The captain in our story, carries huge barges in the shape of octagonal freight containers from planet to planet. Pricey merchandise. Hmmm. Wouldn't a space freighter, traveling, isolated and alone out in the universe attract the attention of bad guys (pirates), looking to take advantage of the situation? Who's gonna survive?
Actually, we hope it's us! We hope it sells like gangbusters!
Well, since you've been along for so many 'rides' with us, here on our blog, we just wanted you to know where we've been and what we've been up to. Wish us well; we'll keep you updated.
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