Smokin'!! Another 'Experiment' Gone RIGHT!

 While snooping around in cyberspace or watching food tv, lately, I've noticed folks talking about using coffee grounds in their bbq dry rubs. I normally take my coffee black and don't like anything in it...same with my beer, I want my beer to have beer in it. Well, despite this, my bein' a 'foodie' and all, it kinda got me curious.  
   It's really great having a friend with a smokehouse, 'cause he usually has an empty shelf when he's makin' his sausage. With that in mind, I mentioned to Sam that I was thinking about experimenting with a coffee ground rub on smoked meat. He said he was firing up his smokehouse in two days to make a batch of wild hog sausage, so it didn't take me long to hatch a plan. Two days later we were ready to start cookin'.
   The dry rub was simple: equal parts coffee grounds, Cajun seasoning, and light brown sugar.  I measured it out in a mason jar and headed over to Smokin' Sam's, taking along some chicken legs and pork steaks to give the dry rub a test run.
Here's what the chops looked like when they came out of the smokehouse where they had enjoyed a few smoky hours underneath Sam's 70 lbs of wild hog sausage.
I brought Peggy some samples, plus video and photos of the day's exploits, so she made a short video.
As you can plainly see, we had a good time like we always do, along with the results of our test. Now, I still don't want any chicken in my coffee, but I will take some coffee on my chicken, and I think I just might have to have another "chop" of coffee real soon.
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