Our Two Blogs

Well, while ya mighta not been lookin', some time ago, we started another blog dedicated just to our 'take' on foods.
  What a better name than "The Round Robin's Cajun Country Cooking Blog". (Take one look at us two Robins and you'll know why.)
The Round Robin blog doesn't consist of our yard, or our dawgs, or etc., but just offers our gluten-free Cajun recipes, and if we think about it when we are dining out, we'll add our opinions about the restaurants we enjoy.
 This is just a 'heads up' to let you know. Here's the link:

Another thing we wanted to find a way to tell you is this: (which we also posted on "The Round Robin blog")

                About our blog ads:
Every time I visit a blog or privately owned forum, on my way "out", I click on one of their ads; mostly things I am interested in, anyhow.
   When I do this, it adds a penny or two to that blogger's account. It's kind of like leaving a tip to let the blog writer know ya appreciate their posts. If I don't leave a comment, at least the ad click helps make the writer feel good.
  We know this because it makes our day when we get a comment or an "ad click" and we always always thank you here at home and ask God to Bless you for doing so. 
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