Plum Amazing! (Our 2016 Loquat Crop)

  This year turned out to be a bumper crop for our two Japanese aka Loquat plum trees!  The mild winter had them setting fruit earlier than usual and the fertilizer we give them every February spurred them on in their making and growing big, heavy fruit for us 'til their branches were sagging to the ground under all the weight of the plums.
They grew in clusters like grapes and ripened so fast that before I knew it, it was time to call my friend Mr. Tarzan to come get some for his wine making. 
 He makes wine with the loquat plums that he gathers, and that's his 'niche' in our "Country Boy Network".
Well, when I called him up, he came right over the next morning and he and I picked 'til our pickers were sore. We estimate that we got 120 lbs. of 'em loaded into the back of his pickup truck, and it didn't even seem to us, or the trees, that we had hardly made a dent in the harvest. Here's a short video that Peggy put together of me and Tarzan picking 'em.  
  I picked another 100 lbs of them, so Peggy sorted, washed, peeled and pitted, then froze them for a future jam making project. 
Anybody doubting our fertilizing technique just needs to look at this short little video and the Lemon Monster blog post, because, MAN! it sure does pay off! 
You will note that I avoided all the plum puns I coulda used and for me, this is strange cause I am a punny kinda guy. (Of course Peggy put plenty of plum puns on the video production part of this post.)  

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