Spring Babies

Spring has sprung in our yard and the yard is full of "babies".  We have baby asparagus:

(Along with full grown dollar weeds, Grrr.)
  Yes we have baby bananas:
We, for the first time, have baby brussel sprouts. We tried, but failed to get much from them, but we learned from the experience and are already planning to try again in the Fall.
The baby carrots are doing fine and should do well in our loose garden soil.
We also have baby grapes that we will fight the birds for and unfortunately, we usually lose.
Moving to our row of citrus trees, we were thrilled to see our small two year old kaffir lime tree flouring with tiny baby limes.  We usually pull the citrus off the first year to allow the tree to grow big enough to support the weight of the fruit. Since the tree is still rather small, we might end up doing the same thing; however we are excitedly leaving one of two of them to mature this year.

Our other citrus, including our Meyer "lemon monster", our exceedingly sweet and extra juicy Ruby Red grapefruit, the Naval orange and Louisiana sweet Satsuma trees are all doing great and are also filled with baby fruit.

(Lord, please say the same--->) We will again be able to share our wonderful citrus bounty with all our family friends and neighbors, as in past years. (Last year notwithstanding)
Elsewhere in the yard we also have baby sweet peas,
baby pomegranates,
and "Twitchy's" baby yum yums, which are a variety of nectarines.
Over by the fence where we planted blueberries last Fall, and they are trying hard to ripen their baby berries despite the birds, and 'who' we might suspect are squirrels, who have been upending the chicken wire "cages" that we hastily fashioned. We notice the biggest almost bluest baby berries have been stripped off the young bushes. Never fear, we are plotting and planning to build proper cages for them in the future. (Take that birds and/or squirrels!)
 In an effort to get a few paw paws this year, we wrapped the bloom-filled one of our two paw paw trees with bird netting.  This is another fruit that the birds get before they even get a chance to grow at all and ripen; they usually eat the dark baby flowers...completely.
Our wise old pecan tree, one of two that were planted by my father way back in the early 90's and our two new small pecan trees have no baby nuts, so far, but are all flowering nicely.  Hopefully, we can get a few nuts this fall when we go to war with the squirrels for them. Peg has already seen a big red squirrel perusing the limbs looking for food. All's I can say, is he'd better watch out or the shoe's gonna be on the other foot. 

Well, that covers most of the Spring time baby reports. It's always an exciting time for us as we await their growth. A last minute addition to this post is a joyous discovery I just made.  We now have baby figs or as we call them "figlets".

Speaking of Spring...I hope you don't mind if we "spring" this on ya (see below). It's not so much for our regular readers, and I hope they aren't offended at seeing this again, but we wanted to include the information below to any new readers, which helps and encourages us with the writing and posting of this, our blog.

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Every time I visit a blog or privately owned forum, on my way "out", I click on one of their ads; mostly things I am interested in, anyhow.
   When I do this, it adds a penny or two to that blogger's account. It's kind of like leaving a tip to let the blog writer know ya appreciate their posts. If I don't leave a comment, at least the ad click helps make the writer feel good.

  We know this because it makes our day when we get a comment or an "ad click" and we always always thank you here at home and ask God to Bless you for doing so. 

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