The Birthday of the Greatest Country...The United States of America. So we BBQ'd !!

    The morning of the fourth of July, I stepped outside with a cup of coffee, yawned, stretched and immediately turned around and went back in for the camera.  One of my Daddy's favorite flowers was in full bloom and beautiful.

These double blossom spotted tiger lilies are an amazing testament to how wonderful my wife is.  Several years ago they came up in conversation and I mentioned how hard they were to find.  About a month later the bulbs came in the mail. I was amazed, and they continue to bless our yard, year after year  in spite of our shoddy gardening practices.
  But, since it was "the fourth" I figured I might as well do like the rest of the country and fire up our rusty ol' bbq pit. 

   I've been seeing lots of folks talking 'bout stuffing jalapenos  and grilling them, so I thought we would give them a try.  We took six peppers from our garden, split them in half and dug the seeds out, but leaving the white inner veins for added heat.  We stuffed them with some Rouses fresh Cajun sausage, then rolled them in shredded cheese and wrapped them in Wright's thick bacon. They didn't come out all perfect and fancy, but I thought they looked good sitting on the pit cozied up with a couple slabs of ribs.
The ribs were rubbed with a li'l  worcestershire sauce and our own special blend of Cajun seasoning mix. 
   I closed 'everybody' in pit for an hour and a half...3 beers length of time.

   Then, I checked the internal temp of the ribs saw they were over 170F, so I pulled everybody out, and let them rest for another beer or so.

   Like I said before, the peppers were not all that pretty, but they were crispy, a nice light smokiness and Peg and I thought they were very tasty. Problem was, is that they disappeared too soon...six of 'em disappeared that night, and the other six were gone by noon the next day. 
We had an amazing holiday meal and later that night we enjoyed the neighbors' fireworks from sitting in our yard. BeauxBear "celebrated" by hiding under the bed. Well, at least he had enjoyed the meal earlier.
We humbly thank God for this beautiful country that He has given us. We hope you all had a joyful, thankful, prayerful, and plateful Fourth of July, 2019 as well.

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