Cajun Hot Legs

We  have given up on Buffalo hot wings.  They are expensive, messy and hard to eat and not at all meaty.  We decided to experiment and see what we could do to make something better in place of our favorite ballgame snack.  A few weeks ago we found Sanderson Farms big chicken legs on sale for 69 cents a lb. in family sized packs, so we bought three of the packs home to to see how close we could come to making them taste like Buffalo wings, but better: "Cajun Hot Legs!"
 We took a pack of the legs and seasoned them with a liberal dusting of our own Cajun spice mix and a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce.
We put them in a parchment paper lined pan in a 325 degree oven for 30 minutes, then turned them over and put them in the oven for another 30 minutes. After another 30 minutes or so, the meat thermometer read "165"=done!
 Out of the oven they came and dumped into Peg's stainless steel "salad bowl", then drizzled with Sweet Baby Ray's Buffalo Wing sauce,
and tossed to coat them.
They turned out to be amazing and cost a fraction of the price of wings. They're a lot easier to eat, too...not quite as messy, and one hot leg is way meatier than a wimpy wing. 
Give 'em a try! Ta heck with skimpy Buffalo wings... this whole bowl of Cajun Hot Legs cost about $3.50.  We enjoyed 'em while watching our beloved Saints win again--Priceless!! Who Dat!!


Marie B Fournier said...

looks very delicious to me!! ��

cappy said...

Thanks they really were