Mr. Ed and Jean Come to Louisiana

So, Cappy is back out on 'da boat', as of yesterday.
The friends we had in from NYS were dragged from blues bar to blues bar in New Orleans Monday night, then happily dragged home and chunked into bed around 2 a.m. They only had a couple of days here so we wanted to show them how to 'pass a good time', Louisiana-style.
The next day was spent under the carport 'chillin', sipping cool drinks, watching Cappy at 'da bbq pit', just generally recuperating and enjoying warm weather for a change. That night, "Mr. Ed" dragged out an old guitar he had brought along with them on the airplane. He said he brought the old one, cuz he didn't want any of his good ones damaged enroute. Even if the one he had brought had been sent ahead via "Oops" (as we tooth-grindingly refer to UPS) and it been delivered with the usual boot holes, it wouldn't have hurt Mr. Ed's feelings, he would have just added more duct tape to the rest of the silver-grey adornment already stuck on it, and merrily strummed on in gusto. Since I had moved down from NYS four years ago, I had forgotten what a crazy-nutzy guy Mr. Ed is. He plays the wackiest, most fun songs accompanied by facial expressions and if need be, a kazoo, which somehow had gotten broken on the way down. Maybe he shoulda sent it by Oops. Dang! I shoulda offered him some duct tape. Well, anyway, he sang for about two or three hours, with some of the worst harmony he's prolly heard, as we all sang along. (A couple of times we all landed on notes together that sounded pretty darn nice. ("Dang! we GOOD!" somebody hollared as the waves of tortured accompaniment rushed back in, washing our temporary success.) Tawk about fun!
The next day Cappy was back at the helm, hovering over the bbq pit again. This day it was bbq catfish appetizers, sausage (for it's da ' law' here in Louisiana, ya gotta have sausage on 'da pit' whenever ya cook anything on it) and smoked pork ribs. More folks stopped by to visit and chow down. Mr. Ed played on one of the neighbor's 12-string guitars. Another fun day.
Yesterday they all went away. Cappy to da boat for two weeks. Our guest back to NYS, complaining that their clothes had 'shrunk', no doubt. And I slept for twelve hours.
I can't wait to do this again.
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