Opening cappy comments

Greetings ciber land. I am the male part of this team and always type in brown for distinction purposes. Pegody my partner in life types in an asortment of "cute colors" usually pink or green.
I drive a tug boat for a living pushing barges through the bayous, rivers, bays, and back waters of South Louisiana; hence the cappy. While at work I cary a digital camera with me so I'll be sharing some of the pictures I take with yall.
I work a schedule of 14 days on the boat and 7 days home. Thank God for cell phones thats how pegody and I stay in touch. It makes the time pass by much easier.
When I'm home we enjoy a variety of activities and usually take pictures of our life together. So expect to see lots of those as well. We are just learning this blog business so it may take us a while to get into it.
So sit back and we hope you will enjoy the rantings of a couple chubby cajuns.

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