Our Neighbors

Let me start by saying our yard looked like a jungle; the riding mower was in the shop for a month waiting on repair parts. When ya live in south lousiana it dont take long for ya yard to get outa control. We have been mowing since mid february (no joke).
Well the mower showed up yesturday finally and pegody and i went to work. She rode the mower while I weed eated and the dawgs frolicked in the cut grass. Our bratty bichons love to eat the hunks of pulverized grass that comes from under the mower. Pegody calls it grass jerky. We have to be very careful they dont take it inside. Talk bout a mess ya aughta see when they shred a chunk of "grass jerky" in the living room.
We worked hard in the yard yesturday pulling weeds and mucking out from behind the Grape arbor and from between the banana palms. Generally getting the place back into shape from 3 weeks of neglect. We have company coming over monday and want the yard to look nice.
I went back out this morning to spray round up along the fence and continue with yard work when here come the neighbors. Peg had told em we have company coming. "S.", our cross the street neighbor lady with husband "J." came over and took over our yard. S. trimmed our drive with their gas powered edger while J. rode around the yard on his big riding mower with the grass vac attachment and vacuumed up the dead grass. Three weeks of neglact made almost enough dead grass to bale for hay. I followed S. with a flat hoe scraping up all the ST. Augustine runners that had vined out onto our drive. I pitched the grass into the yard and J. passed by and vacumed them up. Normally we like to mulch the dead grass back into the yard but there was just too much this time. In no time at all we had the yard looking great thanks to Good neighbors. Of course they will be well payed in cucumbers and maters from our square foot garden.
These are the kind of neighbors that most people dream about. We are truely blessed to have them. We constantly visit back and forth across the street, trade dishes back and forth when cooking etc. It's hard to express what a comfort it is to me when I'm on the boat to know they are here watching out for Peg. Storys of their help, advice, and just friendly concern are much too numerous to put in print, but I often thank God for them in my prayers.
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