Gone Finishing

I guess we've been kinda elusive lately. Lotsa phone messages left on our answering machine. Nobody can find us. We've been so busy with all kinds of projects around the house, that we finally gave up and said we need a break. We wanted to make things as easy as we could for ourselves, so we sneaked off and bought us a gun.
That's where we've been. Off finishing. Every project we've started around here has been almost completed. It's always been one or two little details that's been needed to complete the task. It's been driving us cwayzee. Cappy picked out the coolest finishing nail gun...cordless no less. And man, can he 'dance' with that new jigsaw! Yesterday he mitre-cut mouldings for uncompleted projects, whipped those babies in place, shot finishing nails into 'em, which 'tah dah!' look great, and I halped.
Now that we've got more time, once we get everything done, we look forward to actually taking the boat out. Hope they're biting.
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