OOOFF! Ya Big Cow!

I had nicknames for all the kids: "Poon-Steeker, Gruntsy, Tomah-seenah-Hoonie-Garbong-bong-bong-bongee-beans (no I didn't use drugs), Sookie, and Joey-Fraycus or Froggy or Josuff-rancis". Sookie still keeps her nickname. Now that they are grown and live in New York State, I only have the two dawgs here within these walls to pick on with weird names.
SparkyBear, the older, we call: "SparkyBearicus-emphasis on 'cus', 'ParkyBear, Bart Simpson, Bark Simpson, or Brat Simpson";whichevever of all of 'em that seems right at the time.
Poor MarkyBear,(a namesake of Cappy's cousin, Mark) "da Baby". He weighs a ton. He's weighs twice the weight of what any Bichon should weigh. Cappy says he's like a watermelon with toothpicks for legs. Of course we love the tank. The nicknames we have for him are: "ClownDawg, MarkBear, Cow-Boy or Jabba da Pup". He thinks he's still a baby. Whereever SparkyBear is taking a nap, Mark climbs up, crowds SparkyBear, drops his whole weight next to him and dozes off, leaving a very patient Sparky squished, but kinda/sorta happy for the company.
When they are playing and 'rassling', and Sparky wants to win, all he has to do is roll Mark over onto his back like a turtle, and pin him. I can't lift him. It's the kind of weight where you go to pick him up...sweep him up off his feet, but when you do....he stays on the ground. When I need him to be someplace else I roll him to whereever I need him to be.
One time when SparkyBear was a puppy, an eagle almost took off with him, but I was right there to keep it from happening. (We have a large population of eagles and owls in our neighborhood, but no outside cats or dogs.) Cappy and I joke that if an eagle got desperate and tried taking off with Mark, the eagle would end up with legs stretched like bungee cords, and Mark would be lugged, bumping along the landscape, until the eagle threw up his talons, in frustration, saying, "Forget THIS!".
Lately, because Mark has been kinda shy around people and other dogs, we've been thinking of taking him to 'doggie' school to get him 'socialized'; however, one of the neighborhood lady dogs, a tall black lab, has been coming over to visit 'the boys'. I was thrilled to see Mark running around and trying to keep up with her, and playing. I guess she got tired of Mark not keeping up, but still wanted to play, so she flipped him onto his back and started rolling him around the yard, like the watermelon he is, but he was happy,... I guess, he seemed to be, and he always welcomes her visits.
So...they are our 'Arkys', our "WonderDawgs".
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