Pickin' and Grimacing

You'd think it'd be easy to pick something out, wouldn't you? Heck no, not when it comes to sewing. I'm sitting there with this little 'picker-thingy', (which has an actual name, but I prefer calling it a picker-thingy) trying to undo thousands of tiny stitches, which I can hardly discern from the threads of the fabric, because I took such great pains to purchase the thread that most closely matched the cloth. I'm an experienced sewer, but this particular project has been aggravation from the store to home.
Each year I make my husband a snazzy new shirt or two for our annual family Jambalaya. Time got away from me, so at the store, I picked out a pattern that calls itself a "Two Hour Shirt". I've already got about four hours into it, half, it seems, picking out seams I've put in wrong. That's just wrong. And after just pulling out three more whole seams just now, it feels as though I'm back to an hour and forty five minutes of time left on this 'simple' project.
Sitting here trying to be calm and not balling the whole mess up and adding it to my quilting cloth pile, I'm having time to reflect. I was so sure I was right when I zipped right along on the machine, making good time. Now here I am plodding, backtracking, taking forever. The Jambalaya is Saturday. This shirt is for a wedding on Friday. I still have an whole other snazzy shirt to make for the Jambalaya. Rats. Tha's just like life. It takes so little time to get into problems, but getting out of 'em can take forever. And it's not always my fault. But this time it wuzmyfault.
So what lesson do I take away from this? In the words of Scarlet O'Hara, "Fiddle-dee dee, I'll think about that tomorrow". Right now, I've gotta get back to that 'suckly-rotten' picker-thingy. You may see a picture of snazzy new shirts on Cappy from the family Jambalaya posted here. You may see a picture of Cappy with a faded snazzy shirt.
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