"Muh-dahm Ray" and Arky's Are Back Home

Since someone on Cappy's boat absolutely had to get off the boat a day early, we rushed around and got Cappy back to his boat on Wednesday afternoon. In the rush, we had forgotten to put a few things in his 'ditty-bag', so this morning SparkyBear, MarkyBear and I took a nice drive down to LaRose to hand him his Walmart shopping bag, with the things he needed, across a small span of water, where they had tied up and were waiting for us. We were supposed to have done this yesterday, but, like life on the water, things change. Since he couldn't actually get off the boat, the dogs were howling out the windows the whole time, from the confines of our Trailblazer, for their 'Dad'. A minute or two later, we were back-tracking the same hour-long route home.
As I drove through Thibodaux, I wished I had left the 'boys' home, so I could have stopped at the hospital to see how Brad was doing today. As soon as I got in the door, I called and talked with Abby, Brad's cousin, who said that nothing had changed, so we are still in a wait-and-see mode 'til Monday, when they begin withdrawing the 'coma medicine'.
The other night at the hospital I learned something I hadn't known; here in our neighborhood, where most speak Cajun-French, I am referred to as "Madame Ray". I had gotten used to being called, "Miss Peggy" for the last 6 1/2 years. (All women's names, when spoken are preceded by Miss, such as Miss Annie, or Miss Sonia.) At the hospital the other evening, either Brad's mother or one of his aunts told me that they had told Brad, "Madame Ray is here to see you". Because of my puzzled expression, she quickly said, "That's how we refer to you, as 'Madame Ray'; the wife of Ray...Mrs. Ray". I love how they pronounce it, "Muh-dahRay" (they leave off the 'm' sound and put 'Ray' in it's place). I LIKE it. Everytime I think of "Muh-dahRay", I envision myself wearing a black felt, wide-rimmed hat, with a big black poofy ostrich feather, curled on the end, sticking way up out of it. Very classy.
Well, it's a beautiful day outside, so I think I'll go and do some yardwork. It's that time of year already. On the way home I saw several azalea bushes already ablaze with color.The day before Cappy went back out to his boat, we mowed the lawn and fertilized the trees. And I'm all dressed for yardwork anyhow; I went to meet Cappy just now dressed in blue jeans, a faded purple sweater, black socks that peeked out of the holes of my bright hot pink 'croc' shoes, which somehow looks as 'politically incorrect' as old men who wear shorts, with black socks, those ugly leg suspenders and sandals. But that's what I'm wearing and that's what I'm going with. It's very sunny out;...Hmmm, I wonder where Madame Ray put her big ol' gorgeous hat with that fabulous plume?
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