Update on our young neighbor, Brad(Updated Again tonight)

I didn't go visit the hospital yesterday(Sunday), because I knew the place was going to be packed with people who can only visit on the weekend, and I that will be able to be there with the family on the weekdays, when everyone else has to work.
I just received the following email from Ms. Helen, so am posting it here. I can't begin to tell you how much your prayers are appreciated. Please keep up the good work.
Subject: Sunday Update on Brad
We visited Steve and Monica Sunday morning. While not much has changed, there was a bit of encouraging news yesterday. The doctors lightened up on the sedation a bit to run a few tests. They checked Brad’s pupils and they dilated slightly for the first time since he initially arrived at the hospital. He responded to pain when they pricked his chest and when they placed an instrument in his mouth, he pulled his head away.
Monica said that the only visible sign of damage to his body is a bruise across his chest from the seat belt. The doctors said that he had some minor fractures on his spine but they seem to be routine and will heal themselves.
Steve and Monica wanted to thank all of you for the prayers. They believe the prayers are working and that they are the reason for the improvements. They ask that you continue to pray because they still have a long road ahead of them.
But, as for yesterday, it was a good day.
I plan on going to the hospital this afternoon with Miss Pauline. After reading the email from Mr. Allan, I can't help but be excited at the prospect of Brad finally waking up and recovering.
Oh, Brad looks soooo much better today than he did the last time I saw him. They took him completely off the medications yesterday, so now everyone's in more uplifted spirits with all the good news, are just waiting for him to wake up. I'm given to understand that the swelling of his brain has gone down a lot more, so now it's just a matter of time before he opens his eyes and lets us know he's baaaaaack.
I have to say I misunderstood about the other car's occupant. I was told that 'they' were treated and sent home. It's understandable, with so much going on, fearing for Brad's life and all the confusion. Today I learned that the other driver, who 'met' Brad on the road, was also in the hospital with a broken pelvis, broken leg(s) and sundry other injuries, but not in ICU. Please keep both in your prayers and we will, as well. Expect to hear more good news.
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