Yep,... This is About What I Thought Would Happen.

As soon as Cappy hit the banks last week, we've been off and running. As per my last blog post, where I mentioned I had lost track several times as to how I was operating my new-fangled video camera, rather than forgetting myself and having fun with the rest of the crowd and grabbing for Mardi Gras beads; I did the latter. I still don't know how to download...or is it upload (?) the videos from the camera, so couldn't look at the results til yesterday, when we got back from our camping trip. It's a good thing, via that last blog post, that Cappy got a 'heads up' as to what to expect. He was, uh...wellll...he mentioned that we have a lonnng way to go with our video camera. Here is the video of a portion of the parade in Lafayette. Hey! I have lots more video of the parade and the camping trip to Lake Chico...betcha can hardly wait, eh?
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