Cappy's Mother

Cappy recently wrote something about his Mom that I thought we should post here. She is still beautiful and so sweet. I just love her to pieces and wish we could see her more often. Cappy wrote: "...Mom was an amazing guitarist with a wonderful singing voice. Growing up, as a kid, I was proud to have the coolest mom in town. As she bustled around da kitchen in the lazy afternoons, she always had the radio going, and danced and sang, as she cooked, cleaned, etc. The kitchen always smelled wonderful and usually there was some fresh-baked treat waiting for us kids when we came in from play or school. Our house was a gathering place for kids after school, and many is the time as I walked down the dusty gravel road that led to our house, that the smell of pies or fresh gingerbread came wafting toward me, on the afternoon breeze. In my mind's eye I see Momma standing in the kitchen, apron on, dishrag thrown over one shoulder(ready to swat flies, skeeters, or kids if needed)singing or humming along with the radio. The part that made this 'unusual cool' is that Mom listened to the AM rock station that we kids loved. Friends were always impressed to hear their favorite songs coming out of our kitchen window and hearing my mom singing along with a Simon and Garfunckle tune("The Boxer" was one of her favorites)I often recall the time the Jackson 5's tune called "Ben" came out. Mama loved that song! She'd say,"How sweet that cute lil Jackson boy singing this beautiful song about his love for his friend,Ben". I'd hear her humming it to herself, even when the radio wasn't on, or she'd be out-and-out singing it, word for word to herself, as she worked around in da house. The idea that a little boy thought so much about the friendship with his young pal that he would sing about it, just pleased her so much. I know now that I shouldna aughta dun it, but one day I blurted out,"Momma, dat song's from a movie and da 'Ben' dey singin' about is a big ole RAT. It's a song 'bout a boy and his pet rat, dat eats people when he tells him to". Well, Momma threw a grimace at me that could curdle milk and said,"ma das just dis-gus-tin!!!" and she never sang dat song again. Even so, it didn't deter her from singing around the house, as she had so many other songs to choose from. To this day she still has a wonderful voice, and even surprised Peggy on a recent car ride, when Momma, usually unable to speak much because of several strokes, began singing along word for word with Dr. Hook on our CD player. And Peggy, not a big fan of Dr. Hook, said, "...but Dr. Hook...why Dr. Hook of all things??". Oh yeah, Momma is still cool.
Wasn't that nice, Cappy writing that about his mother? And now you see why we blogged it.
Now...MarkyBear, our 'little' dawg with a warrior's heart figgered he had a good excuse, this time, to bark at the "OOPS Guy", since he, after all, drove directly into our driveway with a special delivery. I'm glad his barking tipped me off, because I wouldn't have wanted my packages to be tossed from the truck, end up in the flowerbed again. See what he 'brung' me!!! Son, Dan and his wife, Jennifer and kiddoes sent me a lime green colander with a glorious bunch of flowers in it. They knew my favorite color is green, and that my favorite meal is any kind of salad, so could definitely use the colander to rinse my lettuces, etc. It's perfect! I LOVE it! (Thanks, kids!)
Son Thom had sent a box of chocolates made with honey, which is the kind of sweetner I always use, instead of sugar. I'd show you a picture of them, but....they were delivered a week early and ...well....But! Do my kids know me or what?! I LOVED 'em. :"->
Son Joe and his wife, Jessica and kids sent me this creamy, dreamy green vase with these gorgeous dark purple centered lilies. Aren't they lovely?
(I think that's what they are...silly me...I should've checked first before posting). Oh migosh, you should smell these things! Breathtakingly beautiful. I just want to keep 'snoofing' them all the time. I LOVE them! (Thanks youse guys!)

One more 'country' not heard from yet, but it's still early.
...And Cappy...he said we could do whatever I like for Mother's Day. It's too good to be true that he's home with me for Mother's Day. I just look forward to snuggling up with him and watching a movie on tv, and a croquet game out in the yard. He set it up tonight and we tried playing, and were thrilled that Andrew, one of our little neighborhood boys joined us. He'd never played it before, so we had the pleasure of teaching him. He was kind of flailing the mallet around, which got MarkyBear on guard, lest he'd have to run out there and protect Cappy and me from the pint-sized 'intruder' . We all had fun batting the balls around the yard til the skeeters drove us in the house. Now, I think I'll win tomorrow; it is after all Mother's Day. Aw, heck, I've already won. I'm so happy I just can't stand it. I've got my loved ones close to my heart. ...And may you all have a Blest day, as well.

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