Cappy is Home!!!

It was a long month on the boat, and I'm thrilled to be back in my sweet wife's arms. The hitch was full of problems and started off wrong with a trip to the shipyard for repairs; something that I really dread. I hate being marooned on blocks, out of the water, and besides, shipyards are a mess. It always takes several days of cleaning up to recover from a dry-docking. The hitch, as always, slowly crawled but punctuated by the occasional beautiful sunrise, only to be out-done by glorious sunsets, both beautiful in their own way. Spring has definitely sprung, and the swamps and marshes have taken on a plush tropical green look. As you can see, the big ol' gators are out again prowling along the bank for meals and mates. I'm not sure what this one was lookin' for, but he happily chomped down some chicken scraps I threw to him. As always I took a few pictures while at work and thought I'd start yall off with these. More to come later.
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