Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries...or it Will be :-)

Once again I'm borrowing what Cappy wrote someplace else to post here. I guess it's what's going on behind the scenes, and you are privy to that, too. LOL, hardly any secrets here. See, our little town has an online gathering place for local folks, local folks who have moved elsewhere, but want to keep up with the local goings ons, and, I think, for folks who take an interest in the local happenings. Through this "Forum" we have met some very nice folks; intelligent, like Yall, and funnnnnee!!! Because of what happened as a result of meeting some of these folks in our town, Cappy wrote this: When my family asks me, "Why do you live in this particular little town?" I always tell them that it's a wonderful little town and it is full of good people and great neighbors. Well, yall proved me right again. This morning the doorbell rang, and it was a friend bearing a cherry tree." It seems that after I logged off, the good folks from the Forum conspired and one of them, got me a tree. Rousselsa (good ol' boy named Steven; this is his picture) backed his truck in da drive-way this morning at the crack of dawn or... errrrr... more like 8:30 and unloaded a 5 foot tall cherry tree! Proving yet again what a wonderful town full of wonderful people we live in. Thank God I said I was lookin' for a cherry tree and not Pony

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