Our 2008 Seafood Courtboullion

Our family reunion weekend always starts on Friday. Family, who travel aways to get here, often drive in on Friday afternoon, so as not to miss any o' da doings on Saturday. Peggy and I spend Friday doing all the prep work for the Jambalaya and cook a big pot full of seafood courtboullion (coo-bee-yaw`) for the family, as they start drifting in, in the evening. This year, a friend Stephen R. came over and was a great help chopping, deboning marinating, drinkin', jammin', and visiting, as we prepared the 30lb. of pork 15lb. of both, sausage and onion, for the jambalaya. While doing that, we also smoked 6 slabs of pork ribs on da bbq for the non seafoodies. While Steve and I did that, Peggy and her friend Lona L. sat inside visiting, while fixin Peggy's coleslaw, and her amazing BBQ sauce. I gotta tell yall her sauce does my Ribs proud. I hadda smile when I noticed one of the neighborhood kids with a bowl of rice with Peggy's BBQ sauce on it. He was using the sauce for gravy. Think about it, the kid had all that seafood, slaw, bbq, amazing bread pudding, etc. he coulda ate but he CHOSE Peggy's sauce over rice. That just shows ya how good this stuff is. We got started choppin' at 12:30 pm and had a good crowd by 5:00 pm,then ate and visited till after dark, at which time we topped it off with a big back yard fireworks show for da kids. It took us forever, but we finally got a slide show put together. I must tell ya though, that Peggy was in charge of pictures and did a great job.... that is until grandson Chase showed up. Then the camera forgotten it was maw-maw time. Hope yall enjoy the slide show here's da link:


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