Am on the Lamb

I was all set to ride the storm out with Sonia and her family across the street. She said she's lived here in our little town all her life and they have never left for a storm. I guess Cappy knows I'm a nervous nut, or the kids up in NYS are, so he's having me go on over to stay with Aunt Gussie over in South Central Louisiana, and maybe from there if it looks like it's going to get bad, try to haul her up to Alexandria with me to stay at her brother's, Uncle Eugene and Aunt Marguerite's house.
Soooo, I'm rushing around trying to secure the yard, so that missles, like potted plants or bird baths don't go flying across the street at Sonia and Jude's house during the storm. I've got the SUV packed to the gills with stuff we'd want to keep, no matter what. Photo albums, and the like. In all the packing, I left little room for the two curly white dogs to fit. LOL...the guy who stopped by here last week from AT&T laughingly said they look like sheep. Yeah, they're little lambs alright...SparkyBear the Brat is watching my every move, packing their food, etc. and every time the car door opens, he jumps in. MarkyBear is watching with one eye as he's grown tired and is mostly napping. So, I just wanted 'yall' to know what I'm up to. Cappy insists on, once again, riding it out on his tugboat, tying up somewhere 'safe'. When they can't find a platform to tie up to, they tie up in the trees...strong trees. It's what he calls, "Chokin' a willow".
Alrighty, I'm outa here..."move over SparkyBear or I'll sit on ya...all the way to Aunt Gussie's house, ya Brat". (ON the 'lamb'...get it? well whaddaya want? I don't gots time fer poetry here.) God Bless!

Pegody and the "ArkyBears"
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