Our Annual Family Jambalaya 2008

Well, they dressed in style and we went hog wild, me oh my oh; son of a gun, we had big fun on da 'bayou'. What a wonderful two weeks! Cappy was home, we rushed around getting ready for the family reunion aka Jambalaya, then friends and family began showing up to help, then we party'd!!!
Grandson, "RJ" arrived Thursday night at the airport, then the next night, son, Dan, with fambly in tow arrived. (I had to laugh, because I had been talking with son, Joe, who said, "Gee, everytime I try getting ahold of Dan, I can't; he doesn't answer his phone, then when I go look at the Blog, I see his face on there". All I can say, Joe, is, "Brought yerself on down here". We'll spoil you rotten.) As Cappy said in the last post, I, (Peggy) had been taking photos all along, but as soon as Dan and Jennifer & the kids got here, all bets were off, so we don't even have pictures of them being here for the Seafood Courtboullion, but they were here. The next day, (Saturday) although I didn't take my video camera, (for I still have so much to learn about editing, etc. with the danged thing) I did take plenty-plenty pictures of the 'peeps' at the Jambalaya.
The family reunion was a lot of fun, as usual, but we missed those who couldn't make it this year. We are grateful for Cappy's sister, Maria and her husband Darryl for being such gracious hosts for opening their hearts and home to us. We are one rowdy bunch, to be sure.
One thing that made it extra special was that there was a young man in attendance, who is a cultural exchange visitor from France. He took quite an interest as to how the jambalaya was prepared. Seeing his face as he tasted it for the first time was priceless.
As usual, the gathering started out at a fast pace, because that's how things flowed, then after the meal, people slowed down, and got more mellow to let their tummies digest. It was just one wonderful day, all the way around.

And to son, Joe, yes, that's where Dan has been again. Son of a gun!

Da link: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-Al6xigfVE4
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