All Work And No Play? NOT HARDLY!

Our good friend Sam stopped by the other day and brought me a magnetic thermometer to stick on my BBQ pit. You can see it in the first picture on top o da pit by the smoke pipe. As yall know, we have been very busy doing home projects and I thought it was high time we fired up da pit, so me and Marky, our happy, chubby pup minded the Pit while Sparky helped Peggy in the house. I smoked up some chicken and sausages, with a pan of potatoes. Our neighbor, Monica, stopped by with 4 ears of sweet corn and I threw them on the pit, too for roasting. Always remember; no matter how busy ya get, to take a break every once in a while, enjoy life and pause to revel in the life ya have. It's precious and just like this Gladiola gracing our front door, gone too quickly.

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