(Say it Fast:) "Ho-Hum, Sweet Ho-Hum"

Cappy and I have worked on a few home improvement projects together, and it didn't always end up with the happiest of results. That's why he resignedly insists we hire what we need to be done, and if at all possible, that it's done while he's blissfully away on the boat. Well, if I knew then what I know now, I'm wondering if there wasn't a lot I couldn't have done by myself with a can of paint and a crowbar. Oh, sure, our house might have looked a little boring back then, but there was peace on earth, as I knew it. As we knew it. Finally today, after six weeks, of using my garden kneeler to get down low enough, then hunching over the edge of the bathtub to scrub pots and pans in the bathtub, because the bathroom sink was too tiny... we got our kitchen sink! I was about ready to take the dishes down to the river's edge and beat them on a rock, like they used to wash clothes in the olden days. I counted it as a merry adventure weeks ago, but the novelty soon wore off. Now I just want normalcy. Today the plumber, Mr. Gordon Rose made it so, Bless his heart. It wasn't easy either; there were, of course, complications because I had purchased a 12" deep sink that could more easily accomodate Cappy's assortment of HUGE cooking pots and pans. (One of the first things Cappy asked me over the phone, once it was all in place was, "Is it big enough for my 'cadillac pot' ??)... I hope so. Well, Mr. Gordon got it and the dishwasher working!
Yesterday, John from Bayou Granite and Marble came and installed the countertops. He and his helpers had them finished in less than an hour. I was impressed, and Oh yummy, the color of these countertops look better than I had remembered, from when I had picked out the stone. We are still waiting on 'absolute black' granite to be shipped in from New Jersey, of all places, for the little dining penisula.

And today the tin ceiling tile came in! Four boxes of them. Sam's wife, Louise spent the day with me as all this stuff was taking place, Bless her heart, or I woulda been walking around wringing my hands trying to 'help' and getting in the way, along with SparkyBear, who is always 'helping'...he likes MEN, that dog, and 'guy things'; fishing, hunting, hammering, tools...whatever; he has to be right there watching every detail of whatever is going on. LOL...and his "Dad" was, out there on the boat, telling them over the phone how he thinks things should be done, as well. I like that he does that. It's good that he does, in light of the fact that I had given up on my John Wayne personna when it came to dealing with carpenters, or the like. (It never worked anyhow...drat.)
Now also today the polite young man, who will be putting up the ceiling tiles stopped by to go over the plans. Alas, unless he changes his mind, the ceiling will not be worked on until Cappy gets home.
...And the floor tile repairs, which now need to take place because of cabinet re-arrangement, will also have to take place when Cappy is home.
Ya know...everything was fine around here; boring but fine, til I started overhauling and renovating. Too late, I now know, from talking with other folks, that it's pretty rough. Oh, on television they don't show all that stuff on those home makeover shows. Oh noooo...they give you all these wonderful ideas and examples of how your house can look, and it's all done in four days at the most, with a little cute bantering and an oopsy once in awhile with the hammer, then "tah dah!!!". HAH! >:-(
On the brighter side, once we finish up what we've already started, the only project left on the house will be the bathroom. (Pegody takes another look at the cartoon above and begins to re-evaluate the situation. Nahhh, I think Cappy is right; we'll hire somebody to get it done.)
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