For the Birds!

I think I finally got the Chicken slideshow finished; presently it's landed over at YouTube, and may, by now, be roosting there, collecting visits. Golly, it's been two whole weeks since SWAG and I wore our 'chicken' aprons and donned our hats, which she crafted for us. I painted three aprons, but Louise couldn't make it. We missed her, tho. We were the "Chicks" who greeted the guests, etc. Nontheless, it was a fun two days, meeting people and greeting people from a few of the Northern states, then those folks from France and Holland. What a nice bunch of folks.

I never knew that people kept chickens as pets. These are beautiful and sweet natured. I intended to post some information about Serama chickens, but there is so much out there, that I'd recommend that if your curiousity gets the better of you, "Google" Serama chickens.

Well, sorry, but this is going to be short and sweet; not feeling 'sparkling' tonight, and Cappy, out on the boat isn't feeling all that well either. NO! It's NOT what everybody's talking about, either. Not sure what it is, but am feelin' more like a dawg than a hawg.

I did want to explain that the video was taken from, of course, my perspective of the chicken show as a whole, as seen from in and around the welcoming tent, and not from intermingling with the judging or of the intense scrutiny of the birds. SWAG and I sat adjoining the live Cajun band, with the speakers a foot or so from our ears. It was good music tho, for sure, and the people really like to dance. I love it that the maw-maw's and the paw-paw's jump right into it. It was fun to watch everything within camera shot. I have to thank Mr. "Devil Dog"...the name belies him, for making me a special hamburger, which was delish. The sounds, the smell, the sights were wonderful. The song on the video is called "Allons Danser", which means, in French, "Come on along, let's go dancing"...or words to that effect. As I was putting the slideshow together, I was looking through all our music on the computer for a good song that would include chickens and ...uh...dance. The band did play that song and everybody enjoyed flailing around, wiggling and dancing to it. It was, for the slideshow, too obvious a choice; too overdone. Well, I'm done sitting on the darned thing for these past two weeks, so...why don't cha go on over to Youtube and see if it's 'hatched' :-) Hugs!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNHieubRjqw

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