Manitowoc Crane Gone Bad

When things slow down in the oil fields of South Louisiana the construction yards have learned to stay busy. When things are "booming", the construction yards stay busy fabricating the structures that are used in the industry. In times like now, when it's slow, the yards still have plenty of work salvaging derelict structures and recycling the massive framing beams and pipes that will be rebuilt into new structures when needed. The cranes, like the one pictured in the first picture, stay busy loading the new structures onto barges that will go out to an off shore location, or they will unload old salvagable barnacle encrusted frameworks from the same barges. The business is like a revolving door, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the older construction guys don't see some of the structures that they had built come back again. Anyways, here's what happens when one of the big cranes tries to bite off more than it can chew.... or lift. OOOOOOOOOPPPS!!!

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