The "Come Back Inn"

Our good friends Sam and Louise stopped by this afternoon to visit, and like most wonderful adventures, next thing we knew, we were sitting in one of me and Peg's favorite lil diners called the 'Come Back Inn'. It's one of those lil 'come as you are' neighborhood diner places, with a distinctive South Louisiana flair. The kinda place ya order, pay and wait for ya number to be called, while sipping on huge glasses of serve ya-self sodas or tea and cold local beers. Sam and I perused the menu while the Girls tanked up their glasses with tea and rootbeer.
I had a wonderful hamburger po-boy in crispy, chewy french bread, Peggy had a huge grilled chicken salad, Louise had a cup of seafood gumbo and friend shrimp and catfish, and Sam decided on the fried soft-shelled crab.
Fried soft shelled rab is one of those things that look like if ya don't watch it, it could crawl off ya plate. They fry the whole crab, legs and all.The beer was cold, the food was good, and as we left, Sam remarked to the waitress, "Don't worry, we will come back in." We were treated to a wonderful sunset drive over the swamp on the way home. A perfect ending to a wonderful spur-of-the-moment afternoon outing. Thank God for friends like Sam and Louise; good friends to laugh with, and who are usually always ready to join in our hair-brained adventures.
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