Smoke Balls Part Deux

Several years ago I got Peg a "hi-def" video camera for Christmas. We weren't sure how to use it when we took it outa da box, so we went outside, and just for the sake of filmin' somethin', Peg filmed me rollin' some smoke balls down the driveway. We took our film inside, loaded it onto the computer and watched it. Yep, the camera worked, and it took as good a picture as it could of the subject it was pointed at. So now what??? We decided to try signing up for Youtube so we could make lil videos to share with you, our readers, family etc. Well, here it is 2 years later and that silly video of me chucking smoke balls is by far our most popular video......... go figure. Since then, we have worked hard trying to make slideshows and blend videos, and none of our best efforts get the views that first very amatuerish attempt that we made with a camera fresh outa da wrapping paper. With this in mind we decided to do it again this Christmas. Because of getting the new computer up and runnin', it's taken me awhile to actually post about it, but here it is, months later, smoke ball video fans, click and we hope ya enjoy. It's just me being ma ole self playing with fire.

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