Spring 2013 BBQ

Our good friends, the Radigans stopped by to spend some time with us on their way back to their upstate home in NYS, from their "snowbird" home in Florida.  We had a couple slabs of spare ribs we had got on sale and were looking for an excuse like this to fire up the pit, so that's just what we did.

Here they are with a tray of appetizers that we make to fool folks into thinking we have a li'l class.  It's rice crackers with brie cheese and a tiny dot of our potent homemade lemon-pepper jelly.
Mrs. Jean plated up some strawberries, Cool Whip and powder sugar, while I plated up some of our oft requested BBQ'd asparagus'. Taking away any class points the brie woulda won us, I used fine paper Chinets for the plates, and ya can't exactly wipe the butter stains off paper platters.
The guys outside didn't seem to mind the unsightly presentation and slurped up all but 1 asparagus, washing them down with assorted adult beverages.  Us guys had a ball minding the pit while the women folks had a nice visit in the kitchen while they fixed the side dishes.
We also had some of Sam's green onion sausage on the grill. Man! They didn't last long!
Peggy whipped up a pot of beans that we set on the grill to absorb some good smokey flavor while they bubbled away.

The ribs were rubbed with our spice and light brown sugar and slowly "Q'd" for 4 hours.  We then took them out, separated them, and slathered them with Peggy's BBQ Sauce, then parked them back on the pit for an hour.  The sauce became a sticky, sweet glaze and the feast was so good that I plum forgot to take a picture of a plate as it looked before we said "Grace" and tore into the meal.
Our new BBQ mascot, "Allie Gator" (given to us for Christmas from Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean) wore my hat for me while we ate.  Also, Peg's luscious macaroni salad didn't find its way to a picture, but it sure found its way to our plates, and like every thing else, it was wonderful.  I'll try to remember to take pictures of the plated feast next time, but if it's this good again, no promises.
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