Strawberry Festival

On a whim Peggy and I decided to check out the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival. It was a nice sunny day, so we set sail across the swamp, singing along to some Bluegrass Gospel.
As we mosied into town we were greeted by this weird Cyclops blimp.  Sponge Bob pointy head???  We couldn't decide.
   The traffic was moving at a slow crawl as we approached town.  Most folks would be upset at this, but for us fun lovin' Cajuns, it was a great opportunity to gawk and 'people watch'.
We had a wonderful time people watching and since we are "foodies", we had to show yall some Cajun-style food booths.
We got some strawberry wine and strawberry jam, but decided not to buy any of the beautiful berries on accounta we have some already growing in the yard.  We hadda wonderful time and were home before dark in time to fire up the fire pit and do some wine tasting.  An oft said quote is actually the motto of one town down here; it's, "So many festivals so little time"
We sure aint complaning.

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