Cappy's Cajun/Italian Lemon Ice For Grown Ups

With so much lemon juice "burning a hole" in our freezer, Cappy keeps coming up with different ways to "spend it". The lemon jelly was great, lemon squares were wonderful, lemon zest candy disappeared quickly, and we gave friends bottles of the juice. I forgot to mention the jars of hot lemon pepper jelly that melts in your mouth if it's sitting atop a little cream cheese, which is then also sitting prettily atop a cracker. Brave souls try this hot pepper lemon jelly straight up and end up in tears. If they are persuaded to try it again, using the cream cheese and crackers route, they end up guzzling the whole jar and beg for another jar to take home. If they try it with the cheese and crackers at first blush, the end results are still the same. We've lost a lot of good jars of jelly that way.
I see I have gotten off topic again. So. Back to the lemon juice that is sitting in the freezer.  I use it on everything from salad dressings to marinades, and so does Cappy, and thus, here we sit with gallons of it in the freezer, and it's laden with all sorts of wonderful possibilities.
    Now, Cappy has heard me saying over and over again how much I love Italian Ice, and he's heard me whining that I can't find Italian Ice in most stores without wheat in it (Why wheat, of all things, in icy anything??) I've thought about freezing lemonade in ice cube trays, then whizzing the cubes in the blender, to make a fake lemon Italian Ice concoction, but never got around to it, seeing it was just for me, and thus, not a priority on my...uh...priority list.
    Since, as I mentioned, Cappy has heard me go on and on, time and time again about my missing my lemon Italian Ice, he got an inspiration. To quote the Grinch,"...he got an idea. An awful idea. The 'Cappy' got a wonderful *awful* idea!"  He went to making his version of ...well, he called it Cajun Ice...or...Cajun sherbet...or..."something like that".  Then, seeing that scheme worked and I ate the whole thing...hence the, *awful* part of the "wonderful awful" idea, he came up with another hideous twist for his delicious icy brew with me in mind. The Southern Snowball. You see, I'm already hooked on these. My friend, Louise got me hooked on 'em, and I've gotten my own Yankee victims hooked on them as well. It's hard to find a really good snowball down here in the south, but when you find the good ones, they become part of any excuse to find yourself back in that neighborhood, no matter how far away it is, and often. Not to be confused with the snow cones they sell up north, because those northern snow cones are like tiny pieces of hail, packed into paper cones, drizzled with blue or red, all-but-flavorless thick sugar water. To the uninformed, they may pass as refreshing on a hot Summer day. The vendor who would dare try passing these weak specimens off to customers down here in the South, would most likely have a pack of dogs sic'd on 'em and they'd be run "plum outa town". They can't hold a candle to the snowballs that they have down here. (Not that anyone would want to, or should hold a candle to a snowball anywhere, anyhow. Why would they?)
   Dang, I ran off the road, into the ditch and down across the field again as far as what I was trying to say, didn't I? Okay. Southern Snowballs. Wonderful shaved ice, flavored with the most delectable pungent tastes imaginable. And Cappy knows I love 'em. They might start out like Italian Ice, but then after the lemon or whatever flavor has been added, they add condensed milk or ice cream or both (loaded). They serve it in cups. Big cups, which they call "small" in most places and "medium" takes about an hour for me to finish. I've never imposed on my liver, adrenals or whatever regulates sugar/insulin, by trying the large size. The several  bouts of brain freeze brought on by trying to consume the small cup is enough for me. But...they are FABULOUS! And this is what my evil Cajun kitchen genius had in mind this time around. With all that being said, I will now let Cappy, via this latest little video do the rest of the talking. Your link:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQny4Bi04eo&list=UUe6CkaSkPG0EXROyp-xQkjw&feature=c4-overview     
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