Healthy Cajun Deer Meat Jambalaya

In an effort to eat healthy and maybe lose a few pounds, Peggy and I decided to tweak one of our favorite ole Cajun dishes and make it more diet friendly, while keeping that yummy Cajun flair.
We seasoned up a couple pounds of cubed, lean deer meat (a gift from one of our friends) with our own special Cajun spice, some Crystal Hot sauce, and a couple splashes of Lee and Perrins Worcestershire sauce.
We added 2 diced yellow onions, and began carefully browning it in our well seasoned black iron pot with no oil.
Because we were using no oil, we had to stir often and deglaze with water until we had the meat browned.  Once the meat browned we added a can of Rotel tomatoes and a small can of drained mushrooms.
After a couple hours of simmering,
We added half a bell pepper and a handful of sliced green onion greens.  I put in 5 cups of water, a pinch of salt, and brought it to a boil.  
We put in 2 cups of long grain brown rice, let that boil for 7 minutes, then turned the fire way down, slammed the lid on and forgot about it for an hour or so.

With a few fresh veggies and a good ole Opelousas yam, it was fine eating indeed, but with no oil, no sausage, no etc., that us Cajuns like to add to jambalaya.  If this is diet food sign me up!:drool

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