It Was Too Hot For Them to Wear Their Capes and Wings, But I Know They've Got 'Em.

Cappy mentioned in an earlier blog about our wonderful neighbors. Awhile ago, I was too ill to get out in the heat and take care of the lawn. It really got out of hand. I finally hired one of the boys in the neighborhood to mow it, etc., but by then it would've taken the poor kid two days by himself. It was blistering hot out when he began. Before long I heard all kinds of noise out in the yard. The neighbors had two riding lawn mowers going, a weed-eater, and a push lawn mower!! These folks never cease to amaze me. I wobbled out with glasses of ice water for them and tried to snap a few pictures, but the first ones were cloudy because when the camera came from inside, in the cool house, to the hot steamy outside air, the lens fogged up. I had to giggle in spite of myself because these ladies don't mow at a regular clip, but race around in high gear, and do a professional looking job, too. What was so cute, tho, was that there was so much energy going on out there, that at one point it looked liked the two ladies, Sonia and Maggie, almost had a high speed collision. Hah! They can go around corners on two wheels, those gals!
Sonia's husband, Jude, is also amazing. For being as busy as he is, he has a heart for helping people. Not just friends and family, but people he doesn't even know. Last year he was awarded for his outstanding merits. I'm telling you, if this man chose to be a snob, no-one would be surprised because of all his achievements, but he's not. He's warm,open, funny and did I mention, a good neighbor? Out there in that heat, like that...wow.
This is "Mr. Brett", Maggie's son, who will be taking care of our yard, now, til it gets cooler around here.
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