Out and About in a Boat

This was one of the last days when son, Dan, and our granddaughter, Destiny ("Desi") were here visiting with us. Instead of the usual things tourists see, we took them on a tour wa-a-ay out in the back bayous where few people get to go; deep in the Achafalaya River Basin. What a rollicking good time we had!

This bird is called a Spoon-billed Rosette.
Desi especially liked the water hyacinths, but Cappy dreads them cuz they choke the waterways. They are beautiful, tho.
Cappy brought along some of his fried chicken for lunch. Yum.

After lunch, we wandered around taking in more beautiful scenery. I had a picture of Desi 'driving' da boat, with her Grandpa, but dis blog ate it; however she turned out to be a fine navigator, using his maps. It so serene and quiet back there away from civilization, but, alas, you can just bet that as soon as we got to where they guys thought they might find a signal, Cappy was on the cell phone telling friends and family what a fun time we were having, and Dan was on his pocket computer probably doing the same. You can take da boys outa da city....but you know, somehow, their electronics are going with them.
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