My Hands and Phillips Head

Hi again....finally. I've missed Ya'll, so don't go thinking I didn't. I thought about you, and wanted to blog every single day, but couldn't. I left you hanging about the SUV. It worked out great. I didn't even get to meet the mechanic, tho. I've never seen anything like it. It was an huge place with greeters, computer notebooks in hand, directing a moving car jam neatly into lanes, where each driver disembarked, explained their problem to the greeters, who 'wrote' the information into their computers, then ushered us into a waiting room, much like an hospital waiting room, to sit with other nail-biters, while a nurse or somebody like that drove our 'loved ones' into their respective 'operating' rooms. Next to the open waiting room sat a lady with a large computer screen which had several views of the entire facility. Occasionally her phone would ring and she would call out a name, whereby someone in the silent group of us waiting and pretending to watch television,would get up and go see her. Some of those called, and after conferring with her a minute would let out an huge sigh of relief and head off into the garage to collect their 'patient' and go home. Others would loudly groan, walk outside and pace back and forth talking on their cell phone and eventually disappear. People came and people left. I sat there for three hours. Most of that time I was the lone 'survivor' in the darned place. I paced the tile squares. I worked the cryptogram puzzle book I had brought along with me. I ate the banana I had also brought with me and drank my bottled water. I pottied and was scolded by one of the 'greeters' that she had come to let me know it would be awhile longer, but I had been nowhere in sight. I paced some more, sat and fidgeted. When I thought all hope must be lost, she came back and told me that it was the ignition switch, would be a little more than $200, labor included, and I'd be good to go in about twenty minutes. I let out one of those huge sighs, paid the bill and headed off into the garage area to fetch our SUV. Boy, it was too easy. A lot of good all that practicing with my John Wayne mosey and attitude. I'm thinking I musta intimidated the whole bunch of em going into the place tho', when the greeter mentioned one of my tail light lens being broken, and the light not working. I rolled my shoulders back, stiffened my spine and let 'er know this: " yehh...sniff...I got one ordered...gonna put it on there myself". (Ya think that's what did it??)

So, here it is Valentine's Day. The day of Hearts. Lo! and behold! I've been hankering for chocolate all day. Much to my delight, a delivery truck rolled into the driveway and left me a package with something big and red and shiny in it! I was thrilled. (I still am!) I swaggered outside with it, for all the neighbors to see, and with my own two hands and a phillips head screwdriver, took out the old lens kit and replaced it with the shiny new red one, all by myself, with the Lord and John Wayne looking over my shoulder.

(I took it out for a test drive and got myself a chocolate Snickers Bar to boot.)
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