Looks Like Somebody's Been Readin' Our Blog

Boy, oh, Boy... I swear I didn't draw this cartoon.
I had investigated, online, the symtoms our SUV was having and learned it was probably the clutch fan (???). ( I'll tell ya, I was worried it might be the transmission.) I told the mechanic who was driving the tow truck, that it was probably the clutch fan, but he was a little dubious. When we got to the repair shop, I told the person at the desk, too, that it was most likely that problem. The woman scratched chin and thought about it, and wrote something on a sheet of paper, for the mechanic, who would be working on it, but said she wasn't sure that was the problem. From there I rented a van to use until my vehicle was fixed.
I did some shopping and came home. When I got here, the shop called and the woman said, actually almost sheepishly (but I may be selfishly imagining that she said it sheepishly), "Well...they checked out the problem, thoroughly, and found that it is what you thought it was...the clutch fan..." They'll be working on it today. When I hung up, doncha know I did my John Wayne victory dance; well, the way I imagine John Wayne would do a victory dance, if he'd just made a touch down. I guess my fake moustache, bib overalls and high heels paid off, finally.
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