She's Gonna Killlll Me.

When my sister, Lori, was two years old, our Mom taught her how to write her name: LORI, making sure she dotted her i . Well, she just loved writing her name....everywhere. On the walls, on the cupboards, in her books, on her shoes...everywhere. Mom got disgusted and told her, "Dont' write your name on the walls anymore...just write on paper that I give you." Apparently paper wasn't as much fun to use, so she kept using the walls. Finally, I guess Mom might have threatened to paddle her if she did it again. After two weeks, Mom thought the problem was solved, then one day when she came home from work, she discovered another 'signature' on one of the walls, but this time it read, "MORI", with the i well dotted. Mom scowled at Lori and hollared, "Who did this?? Who wrote this on this wall??" Lori looked up at her innocently and said, "I don't know...some little girl, I don't know what her name is".
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