Spring Outa Bed

Well, during this time of year, we are admonished to reflect upon things going on inside ourselves. Usually, there's too much activity and/or noise going on for me to really sit down 'in front of myself', take a good long look and say, "Hi, how are YOU doing?" I guess it might be kind of scarey anyhow; I might not like what I hear from in there. It's just easier to "keep on keepin' on".
But it IS Spring around here, or time to get to thinking about Spring. Time to dig up the old, settled sod, toss out the stones, old useless roots, weeds and junk that's accumulated during the last year. Time to stir up the sod, loosen it up, feed it, and get it ready for regrowth.
I hate being hauled out of bed in the morning. It just seems too jarring. I'd rather stay compfortable in the bed for awhile longer. I can be that way spiritually, as well. I don't wanna be tossed outa my nice, warm bankies. I don't want the pain of having to give up old things I've accumulated; tearing out dead roots of stuff that got in somehow, such as an off-hand remark someone made, which stayed and grew beyond it's intention. Still, tearing out roots, smarts, even if they're useless or not. There's a lot of hard work that has to take place, and then, when I get to the point of being what I think of as pious..."Okay, I give up all that bad stuff and forgive people for the bad stuff they've done to me", and I'm all 'clean' and ready to live life afresh....FERTILIZER! A ton of it!! Whyyyyy??? Why is it we grow so well in ****???( See, now that's why I didn't want to get out of bed in the first place; I knew this would happen.) At times like this, tho', I'm forgetting about the 'crop'. The new growth. We are judged by our 'fruit'...how sweet we are and giving our of abundance to others.
This last year in our yard, we did all the hard work for our fruit trees, and it payed off. Even tho' they were attacked by birds, leaf miners, stinkbugs, and 'whose nose' what all, they were luscious and plenty. Even while there was no fruit in the beginning of the season, the gorgeous smells from the flowers on them promised us that they were lovingly working on our bounty.

I'm thinking. I'm thinking. I'm supposed to be 'reflecting'. Anybody got some Windex I can borrow? Or how 'bout a can of raid for the stinkbugs at least? I know one thing...I need to get out in our yard and start on it, too! Boy, I'm gonna be pulling weeds forever.

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