Our Chevy Rattle-trap Was Trapped

I never did get back to ya'll 'bout how it all went...or for the most part how my auto repair shop adventure went. Well...I didn't even need my John Wayne swagger or anything. The Trailblazer really was shaking, rattling and not rolling.
That was last week. Now, today, after the repairs, I drove the two 'brats' out to get their Spring grooming haircuts, and noticed...migosh, the air-conditioner was working on a speed that hadn't been working for months.The auto repair place had also fixed this A/C switch which had been acting up, and I hadn't even mentioned it to them, plus they didn't charge me for fixing it. I was so impressed with this particular business, I asked for permission to use their name. It's Trapp Cadillac Chevrolet, in Houma, LA. I guess they know that some women...ahem...not all wimmens, might get all nervous and not a little intimidated, so they have hired knowledgeable gals, who know how to wrangle the mechanics out back, and also how to make their customers more at ease, and explain in an easy-to-understand way, what needs to be done in the way of repairs. The customer also has the option, after diagnosis, not to have the work done. How cool is that? The service department advisor I had both times was Heather Picou...what a sweet, intelligent young woman.
Cappy kept telling me to go on ahead and take our vehicle back to them, cuz that's where we bought it new, 5 years ago, but I was afraid it was going to be trapped, and not in a good way. I gotta tell ya, they Trapped it goooood. :-)
Now, thanks to the good people at Trapp Cadillac Chevrolet, we are back to our normal happy selves, laughing, singing loudly off-key, tooling down the road...the dawgies anticipating their reward for being good boys at the dog groomers, which is always a stop at Sonic for ice-cream.
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