The Wearin' O' the Green=The Shearing O' the Green

We recently aquired another set of 'wheels', my old lawn mower having given up on me. I came home yesterday from seeing Cappy for a few minutes, and noticed, that in my short absence,everyone else's lawns had been mowed again. As soon as it dries off enough, I'll be out there plowing through the clovers again today. I usually save a big clump or two of clovers for the dogs to play in, which they love to do, but for some reason, this year, the clovers are on the edges of the yard, where the doggies can't go. Their invisible Fence collars only let them get within a certain distance of the perimeter of their yard, then BEEPS (which they hate).
Last week was the first time I had mowed this season, and the clovers were so thick and tall, the wind was blowing, I got covered with chopped grass. Like the Jim Croce song goes, "Ya don't spit into the wind"...I guess "Ya don't mow into the wind" either.
I mentioned I had gone out to see Cappy for a few minutes. I brought him a few snacks, vitamins, magazines, stuff like that there. His boat was getting a few repairs, so he had time to visit a little while in the parking lot, as he kept an eye on his crew and mechanics. He had just cooked some crawfish etouffee, and so brought me a bowl for lunch. The guy can cook....the guy can coooooook!
Sighhhh. I've been stalling, but the danged yard is calling. I have So much to do out there; weeds again have taken over the flowerbeds, which now resemble mini forests. I have to weed-wack, edge, prune, fertilize; "the whole la la", as they say down here. So, once again, I'm hitchin' up my britches, being Da John Wayne or Da Brawny Man , whichever. Good thing green happens to be my favorite color; I'll be seeing enough of it today. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Erin Go Bragh and all that...as for me, it'll be Pegody Go Brawn til I'm blue in the face :oP :-D
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