I doodled this l'il cartoon when the kids were very little. This was typical, and a direct quote of Dan, who is the tot running into the room bawling. My reaction was "Wha...wha...HUH??!" He followed it up, with, "..and he did it for purpose, too!" I don't think I handled a lot of those scenarios with a lot of panache. I'm very pleased with Dan, today, tho' and the way he handles his kiddoes. I'm amazed at how he's grown to be patient and rational, even in the face of...well, everyday "cwayzee-ness".
I talked with him on the phone the other day, as he had called me to let me know that their new baby...OUR new grandbaby is due around the 17th or 18th this month. He and Jennifer are getting all the new baby furniture and things ready. I'd like to go up and be there when she has him. He's a little boy, who will be named Chase Stephen (Steven? I forgot to ask the spelling) What with Cappy's work schedule in flux right now, I'm not sure when I will be traveling, or if Cappy will be going with me. Either way, we are both excited.
I'm looking forward to seeing all the grandbabies. Sweet and cuddly, every one of them, even if some of them are in their teens.
Dan mentioned something about having diaper changing again, bumps and scrapes to worry about as the baby is growing,...the first day of school to look forward to again. All the wonderful things life hands ya. At least he shouldn't have to worry about anyone stepping on his ear again...at least for awhile anyhow.
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