Yep, It's a Cappy's Wife I Be.

Well, I sure hope I recognize him when I see him again. He's been on dat boat since the first of February, and it might be another month or so til he gets to come home. I could let it get me down, and I have to admit sometimes it does. At times like those, I have to remember that their are wives at home waiting for their husbands who are on supply vessels, traveling the high seas for months at a time...all the time. And then, I realize how selfish, indeed, I am, when I think about wives and children, who are waiting at home for their husbands, who are serving in the military. (Or...husbands waiting for their wives, who are serving in the military.)
There have been advantages of Cappy being gone for long periods of time, believe it or not. See, I've never been a self-reliant type of person. I've never had to fix toilets, deal with mechanics, build dog-houses, wield heavy tools and tear down walls. Heck, I wasn't even used to hauling in the heavy groceries from the van, after doing all the shopping by myself, then putting it all away. I was spoiled, I guess.
Oh yes, I still whine a lot, but Cappy is encouraging out there, over the phone. He tells me that he knows he can depend of me to do what needs to be done, and that I am being a "good Cappy's wife". On my side of the phone I roll my eyes, cuz I know better. But, I'm trying. I keep thinking about that saying,"Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it."
Ok, where are my big girl panties...let's see, last week I was wearing my John Wayne boxers and.....Oh NO!!! There they are... out in the middle of the yard!! Darn that Raleigh...he drags the other dogs' toys out there; last week it was a big bright pair of my pink pajama bottoms, which he had draped on the ground spread-eagle for all the world to see, and poor Tinker-Bell, flying daintily all around the hems didn't even know enough to be embarrassed. I dashed out there and retrieved them, feigning laughter, waving to passersby with regal insincerity, and a wide, toothy smile stuck to my face, while lightly patting the little beast on the head, who was jumping up trying to get them back away from me, so he could, no doubt, drape them in an even more sleazy position out there somewhere in the yard.
Ok Cappy, I'm dealing wit' it. Gonna put on dem Big Girl panties...just as soon as I fetch them back into the house and run 'em through the washer and dryer.

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